Jazzy Ogagaoghene: Tales From The Runway


There are women….there are beautiful women….and then there are models. We have seen them on TV, bought magazines with their figures gracing the pages, fantasized about them, meditated on them in bathrooms….but there is always this painful thing about “see but can’t touch”. Again, there is this idea about models not being useful for anything other than their looks and curves, but with age comes the desire to find out more beyond the surface, so I decided to find a model to interact with, to learn more about their act. No, I didnt want any of those Instagram models with 2000 purchased likes, I was aiming for one who did her thing on an actual runway, so when I bumped into Jazzy Ogagaoghene, I knew it was a blessing. (I know say nor be Gisele Bundchen or Allesandra Ambrosio, but make i hold this one first).

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Ati: Gospel Music’s Newest Pitch


It is said that he who sings well (to God), prays twice, but in the not-so-distant past, one couldn’t say for sure how well Nigerians who represented the gospel music genre did well in that regard. Gospel songs were monotonous, the lyrics were one dimensional, the melody was lacking, and there just wasn’t that artistic element to please the ear, never mind that it was God they sang to. (Who says God doesn’t like melodious, well-created music? As a matter of fact he deserves the best of our artistic and musical talent.)

By the turn of the century however, things had changed. Gospel artistes began to put more effort in the music they created, the voices became more refined, the instruments began to have their use, and the videos (yes, the videos) became more TV-worthy. Over the years, persons like Sammie Okposo, Kefee, Iyke Onka, Sinach, Kore, Jahdiel, Soulsnatcha and Sokleva (of the Rooftop Mcs), Cobhams Asuquo, Buchi, Samsong and of course, Frank Edwards, have positively changed the face of gospel music in Nigeria, and things can only get better.

Joining this revolution in the gospel music genre is a young lady who prefers to be called “Ati” in music circles. Ati (born Emmanuella Agbegha) lends her soft voice to make sure we do well in “praying twice”. In her debut single “Okaka”, she does well to maintain the solemn atmosphere as Chinyere Udoma would like, while adding that melody and sound aesthetic to the mix, as well as a little “danceability”. With an ability to effectively combine Soprano and Alto, Ati holds nothing back as “Okaka” sees her giving that heartfelt rendition in appreciation of God’s love and awesome wonder.  Alright, no more spoilers, click on the link below to download.



Trivia: When Ati is not at the studio expressing her love for her Maker, she attends lectures as a student of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the prestigious University of Benin. A bit of a prankster, Ati is also good with the guitar, and is fondly remembered by her colleagues back in school for composing the anthem of her faculty’s student association.